Calgary Barracuda Swim Club


The Calgary Barracuda Swim Club is a recreational competitive swim club for swimmers aged 5 to 18 . 

Starting with 2019-2020 season, we are pleased to offer training from the pool at "Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton" located at 4995 Market St SE, Calgary, AB, T3M2P9.

Our season runs from September to April:

Tuesday and Thursdays are MAIN practice days (expected to be be attended by ALL swimmers). Members must make full effort to attend. The CORE of the swim skills are developed. 

Mondays are used for the additional practice of the skills. 

Swim times are:

7:15 pm to 8:15 pm (early session)

8:15 pm to 9:15 pm (late session)

Coaches determine time for each child depending on their age and abilities to swim. 

Swimmers are expected to be on the pool deck 5 minutes prior to their swim time for a warm up.

Distance swim session and Club Championship take place as part of normal season schedule (refer to page MEETS and EVENTS). 

The Club runs and participates in 6-7 swim competitions with other similar clubs during each season, which are held on weekends. 

Club Registration:

Please be advised that Barracudas is NOT a learn to swim club. To be accepted into the club, an applicant must be capable of swimming 25m independently and unaided. There is no requirement for any particular stroke, and we do not hold try-outs to select applicants based on skill or technique. 

When comleting your application form, be sure to include your swimmer's experience with swiming, including lessons (e. g Red Cross, Swim for Life), clubs and levels acheieved. Upong being offered a spot, you may be asked to provide copies of the certificates of completion. 

The club registration is open in April. Returning swimmer shave the registration priority until May 1, at which point wait-listed/new members applications will be accepted. 

Registration forms are submitted to the Club Registrar (refer to Registration forms link below). 

re  to download the registration form.

VOLUNTEER Positions to be Filled (As of Sep 2019):

i) On- Deck Meet Manager (Non Board Position)

ii) IS Meet Manager (Non Board Position)

Job Descriptions for above positions are available on request. Please email Club President or Volunteer Coordinator to request. Serving in this positions will help in meeting the Parent/Guardian Volunteer Commitment Requirement . 

Click  here  to download the  Parent Volunteer Commitment  form.